We hope to provide you with the best service at an affordable price. To achieve this we need all our customers to follow the below process for any live claims.

Claim process:

  • A unique code will be given to each item(s) after showcasing and explaining all the details along with the price
  • If a size or color is applicable for that item then the claim format will be <Code> <color or size>. For e.g. TJ11 blue or CT202 XL or F22 Aqua XL
  • Once claimed, the orders will be confirmed based on First to claim basis with proper code format. If the code format is incorrect, the next claim will be prioritized to make it fair for all our customers.
  • IMPORTANT: We can't control the Instagram client-server message order. The claims order shown on each screen is different. Seller will explicitly go by the order their Instagram page displays.
    • We are happy to repeat the order in which we received the claims as we see on our screen
    • If you are messages are not showing up, we recommend upgrading your Instagram App or using Wifi for better speed
    • Please respect other customers claims
  • IMPORTANT: Request to only claim if willing to buy without fail. If you are on the fence, please do not claim and decide later.
    • No substitutions or cancellations are allowed for any products that are claimed. No future claims will be taken from any parties who repeatedly claims and cancels the products
    • If in doubt, We are happy to place preorders at a later point after your decision

Purchase process:

  • All the claimed items will be uploaded to the website for purchase within an hour (or earlier) after Live.
    • An Instagram story notification will be posted conveying that all the links are created.
    • All the products need to be purchased/Checkout within 24hrs.
    • In case of any emergencies, We are happy to hold your items for an additional 48hrs ONLY if you notify us about the checkout delay within the stipulated 24hrs
    • Items not purchased within 24hrs without any intimation will be passed onto backup claims or posted to the website. 
    • No future claims will be taken in case of repeated failure to purchase
  • To find your items, Either search by your name or Item code in the reserved section to add the products to the cart and follow the regular check-out process.
    • If you can't find your items, we are happy to help. Please send a DM on Instagram (No messages on WhatsApp as they won't be monitored).
    • DO NOT purchase items reserved for others. We won't process such orders which will result in loss of shipping label charge.
  • A shipping fee of 4.99 is applied for any Jewellery orders less than $65
    • If your order is less than $65 and you would like to buy additional items during later live shows to avoid shipping fees,
      • IMPORTANT:  You need to still check out the current live claims within 24hrs using code HOLDUNTIL65 (Don't forget to hit apply button after entering the code) 
      • This enables us to keep your items on hold aside. Once your next live session claims reach the cumulative total of $65 or above, all the items are shipped together.
      • If you are welcome to pay the shipping fee and have your items shipped immediately. However, Once a shipping label is purchased we can't adjust it back to the on-hold process or in any way.

Tracking your order:

  • During checkout don't forget to enter your email address. This is the email address where the tracking details are sent (Check Junk/Spam folders. Also adding our email address to your contact list will avoid this redirecting).
  • We request you to give same email address or any other details during checkout for all the orders you place with us. This will help us to track all your orders under one account especially hold orders to not miss them while shipping your orders once you reach the free shipping limit.
  • Any checkout with just mobile numbers and no email address may or may not receive a tracking number. 
  • All orders will be dispatched through USPS within 2 - 3 Business days (Weekdays) after checkout.
  • Sometimes it may take more than 3 business days to process your order depending on the number of orders.
    • Once a package is dispatched, we can't control the timeline.
    • General USPS shipping guideline is 4-5 days for standard shipping and often they may take more than what they advertise.
    • Any delays will be strictly from USPS that we can't control or track
    • If you haven't received your package even after 3 weeks after tracking update as delivered, we are happy to assist you in any way we can to compensate for the original item.
      • Please note we haven't missed a single package to date.
      • Any miss may be from the wrong address during the checkout process or nuisance deliveries to neighbors as such.
      • If the package comes back to sender due to wrong address reason, you need to pay shipping charges to buy a new label as old one wont be valid any more.